Festivity calendar

  • 19 – 20 January

    Ritual Festival of Pachatata and Pachamama

    Place: Amantani island

    Accompanied with ritual activities and presentation of native dances.


  • 01 – 18 February


    Place: Puno

    Every year the biggest patronal feast of all Peru is celebrated, in tribute to the Virgin of the Candelaria, Patron of Puno. The party that develops day after day during the first two weeks of the month of February. In that party more than 40,000 dancers and 9,000 musicians from all over the department, brighten and decorate the streets of Puno.

    This unparalleled show is considered one of the three biggest events taking place in South America, including the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil and the Oruro Carnival in Bolivia.

    Festivity declared Cultural Heritage of the Nation, for being an expression of the traditional manifestations of the living culture that characterizes the communities settled in the southern highlands of Peru, and that contributes to the regional and national identity.

  • 9th April

    Amantani district aniversary

    Place: Amantani island

    The celebration is accompanied by civic activities, fairs, native dance contest with costumes of light, ritual of payment to the land, exhibition and sale of handicrafts, among others.



  • 3th May

    Alasita fest

    Place: Puno

    Buy and challa (blessing) of goods in miniature, to get what you want is that year (house, cars, jobs, etudes, etc)


  • 24th June

    Farm day and Saint Juan Fest

    Place: Puno

    Accompanied with religious, folkloric activities, among others. It is also celebrated in the provinces of Lampa and San Roman, in the districts of Lampa, Cabana and Cabanillas. It is celebrated mainly in the provinces of Puno, Yunguyo, Lampa and San Roman.



  • 15th August

    Cancharani’s Virgen fest

    Place: Puno

    Accompanied by a pilgrimage to the sanctuary, religious manifestations, native dance contest, among other activities.



  • 2 – 8th November

    Turístic week of Puno

    Place: Puno

    With an exhibition of dances through the main streets of the city, staging the output of Manco Cápac and Mama Ocllo from Lake Titicaca, entrance to Kcapus.