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About us

Intiqa, is a puquina term that means: where the sun rises; We are a themed hotel with 32 rooms decorated with icons of cultures that have preceded us, such as the Pucara and Tiahuanaco cultures.

Our facilities have abundant ventilation and natural lighting, solar heating (in the absence of the sun, electric heaters), in this way we reduce the use of exhaustible resources, contributing to the care of the environment.

We provide restaurant service at PACHAMAMA RESTAURANT, whose menu is made with products from the region such as: quinoa, cañihua, papa imilla, tunta, ocas, chuño, alpaca, trout, fruits and coffee from the jungle of the department of Puno.

Our work team is constantly trained in the development of skills, enhancing their talents.

In short, it is a hotel with a local identity.

Thanks a lot,

Francis Aquise

Our misión

We are a themed hotel that revalues the Pucara and Tiahuanaco culture, through expressions of art in our rooms, with a trained and proactive work team that seeks to exceed the expectations of our clients, projecting human warmth and excellent service in lodging and food.

Our Visíon

To be the emblematic hotel of the city of Puno and to be the first eligible option for our visitors.

Mystic quality and comfort

Within reach of your dreams

All public areas show the local cultural expression and make our establishment a differentiated hotel in our town. As a complement to the lodging we offer the service of the "Pachamama" Restaurant whose menu has many of our regional products such as: quinoa, cañihua, imilla potato, tunta, alpaca, etc. And the "Huajsapata" Bar service that also includes drinks with local aromatic herbs such as muña, mint, coca, etc.

Our Awards

Intiqa Hotel

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